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The Ethiopian Community and Cultural Center (ECCC) of the Bay Area was established in 2001 as a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) community based organization to empower Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans through education, advocacy, services and development of community based resources. We coordinate educational programs and social services that empower and support Ethiopian immigrants/refugees to become self-sufficient. Our programs and services strengthen their language, social, and cultural competency in their new environment. This is primarily accomplished through volunteers contributing their time and energy to making the transition into the Bay Area successful. ECCC assesses community needs and addresses the obstacles to successful integration through creating sustainable programs, while also advocating for refugees in order to make the Bay Area a more aware and friendly place. Ethiopian Community and Cultural Center conducts educational and social service programs that help new immigrants take up residence and become established in the Bay Area. We help these individuals to assimilate into the new culture and become able participants, productive and contributing members of society. The Ethiopian Community outreach program also gets involved in promoting Ethiopia and Ethiopian history and culture to communities around the Bay Area, so that new comers would not face difficulties while going through the resettlement and cultural adjustment process.

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Amharic Class (Comming Soon)

Computer Class (Comming soon)


English as a Second Language (Comming soon)

AnewAmerica BusinessTraining Comming in September

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